Playa del Carmen changes

by zora on September 3, 2009

The post office has moved to Calle 2 and Av 20. The tourist office is no longer on Juarez–there is only a tourist police office there (though they are very friendly). There is a small kiosk just east on Juarez, however.

The movie theater on Av 10 is shut.

The bike-rental operation listed is no longer in business, and unfortunately, I could not find another, though the tourist police assured me that one exists. Hmmm.

Fusion bar, on the beach, still seems to be going strong–this is encouraging.

Tacamaron has moved to the beach in the center of town, near the lighthouse.

John Gray’s Place has moved across Calle Corazon and north a little bit.

Bodega 22 has changed hands–now a crepe place, as far as I can tell.

Java Joe’s has moved west on Calle 10, and to the opposite side of the street.

El Palomar hostel is shut, and there’s crazy building happening right by Cabanas Las Ruinas.

La Ziranda has changed hands. It is now Hotel Lunasol, with a pool. Rates are significantly higher.

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Carrie February 10, 2010 at 2:47 am

We stayed at Hotel Lunasol last year and really enjoyed it. The people at the front desk were very friendly and nice, the pool very clean, and it had a great little kitchen where we could make our own meals. It also had free wifi that was a little iffy on the 2nd floor but worked downstairs and out by the pool. It is a few blocks off Av 5 so a bit quieter than some of the other hotels we stayed at. We would definitely go back again.

Zora February 10, 2010 at 1:45 pm

Thanks for the tip, Carrie! I’m not sure I’ve been in the Lunasol. I will definitely check it out next time I’m in Playa.

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