South of Palenque

by zora on April 4, 2008

You now reach the Bonampak site (pp. 314-316) and the village of Lacanha Chansayab via the same turn off the Frontier Highway–there’s a large concrete shade structure/exhibit space by the side of the road. You can take a cab from here directly to the site, or to the village. If you have your own car, it’s better to drive up the road toward the site until you reach a second parking area–this is also where a road leads off to the village. There are bicycles for rent just past the parking area (less than 500m), but the guys who drive the combi vans to the site may tell you that they don’t exist.

In Frontera Corozal, the cheapest boat trips to Yaxchilan are at the co-op dock (M$600 for one to three people), where the main road dead-ends at the river. Escudo Jaguar charges slightly more (M$650 for one to three people), but you may have to go here to find someone to share a boat with, as that’s whaT’s still listed in all the guidebooks. The current edition makes it sound a little like all the boat operations are in a single cooperative, but this is not the case, and they’re all competing for business.

Nueva Alianza posada has expanded quite a lot, and is now a good alternative to Escudo Jaguar on the upper end as well–its wood cabins all blend in a bit better with the scenery, unlike EJ’s bright pink concrete rooms.

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Barbara Hamilton November 8, 2009 at 9:23 pm

I have been trying to contact Nueva Alianza but the phone numbers, etc. on their web site do not work…. do you know how to contact them ahead of time for a reservation????


Zora November 9, 2009 at 1:48 am

This is the info I just put in the new edition of the Mexico book: 00502/5353-1395, in Guatemala, Hope that helps!

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