Kailuum / Kailuumcito in Mahahual

by zora on January 13, 2007

This nice tent-camping place (p. 177) is CLOSED for good–it’s now just acting as a beach club for cruise-shippers from Mahahual. Really a waste of good property, and the end of a great era!

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kayte kelly May 22, 2007 at 1:57 am

Kailuum is NOT closed. I just returned from an amazing trip to the yucatan and stayed at Kailuum.
It has changed locations. It used to be located outside of playa del carmen. now it is located in mahauhual.
it is now called kailuum cito. i went to this amazing place with 5 friends and we were the only ones there.
a lot of people think it has closed and others find it too difficult to get to since it is located far from cancun.
it is the most amazing place i have ever stayed – so serene and off the beaten path. it is truly the greatest escape.
highly recommended.
it is not advertised anywhere. you can look it up online.


Tara Bell July 3, 2007 at 1:30 am

We were probably some of the last people to stay at the old Kialum before the hurricane blew through. We could even sense the eerie feeling before a hurricane…odd winds, stillness, pretty sky… (I lived in Puerto Rico, and learned to sense that stuff) I was surprised that I even said something about a hurricane to our bartender at Capitan La Feats “feels like a hurricane” (we moved to Capitan when Kia lum closed for the season) Anyway, Kialum had a magical charm. I think the quietness, the fancy camping, the air and climate…was so very nice. We want to visit the new Kia lum…looks even more isolated and natural…quiet! Ahhhhh….alas, though, those special money deals are from yesteryear…almost everyone wants to “rough it” now…we don’t blame them! So the shoe string budget is a big boot string expense today.


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