Playa del Carmen eating and drinking

by zora on November 17, 2006

I thought Playa was booming before, but now it’s almost completely out of hand. Countless super-chic condo buildings are going in—this is definitely the next South Beach. The construction noise—even in “quieter” Playa Norte (p. 126)–is a real drawback to what has been one of my favorite vacation places along this stretch. And everything is changing so fast it makes me want to give up guidebook writing.

Another drawback: tons of great restaurants are now shut.

Hot (p. 127) is shut at its C 10 location, but you can still find its other location at C 12 bis off Av 5.

Pan y Pasta (p. 127) is shut, as is El Olivo (p. 128), Osteria la Rucola (p. 128) and Carmencita (p. 127).

A couple of bars are gone: El Atico (p. 128) is closed, though I’m not too surprised. Tutix (p. 128) closing, though, is much more surprising—this leaves the Blue Parrot (also referred to as the Dragon Bar, p. 128) as pretty much the last old-fashioned beach bar.

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Working Gringa January 13, 2007 at 10:36 pm

There’s a nice beach bar in front of the Fusion hotel. It’s located a little bit south of El Faro (I don’t know the exact street). The ambiance at night is peaceful, not party. There are little tables on the beach under palapas with candles in paper bags so they dont blow out in the breeze. They serve a simple menu (I think we snacked on french fries) and they have a full bar (even martinis!). We loved it. Which probably means it will either be gone in six months or upscaled out of our price range :-)

zora January 20, 2007 at 10:49 pm

Very good to know! I’ll check it out on my next visit. And if it has changed, I’ll try to break the bad news to you gently…

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