Cozumel restaurants

by zora on November 15, 2006

Especias (p. 142) has moved to Calle 3 Sur at Avenida 5.

I’ve heard some reports of attempted overcharging at Sabores (p. 143). I would still recommend this place, as the food is great, and the gouging seems to come from one of the waitstaff, rather than the owner herself–but know that _everything_–chips, side of beans, agua de jamaica, etc.–is included in the price, which I think now is M$45 or M$50. The only thing you should actually get charged extra for is if you order a soda or something like that.

Serious Munchies (p. 142) is closed, and so is Garden of Eatin’ (p. 142).

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JaMica February 15, 2007 at 9:09 pm

In this case, it’d be hard for new travelers to determine the difference. As long as the food tastes reasonably with the pricing provided, Sabores is still a better place to come to eat. I’ve heard some seasoned tourists observed their alleged overpricing. They even suggested that maybe another Sabores will do the trick.

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