Miscellaneous Mérida changes

by zora on November 7, 2006

Maya Site Internet (p. 235) is closed.

Delta is now offering direct flights to Mérida from Atlanta (p. 28, p. 235).

A taxi from the airport (p. 222) costs M$135, which is quite steep. But the bus is a much longer walk from the terminal than I remembered—you wouldn’t want to do it in the sun or with any substantial luggage. The taxis’ zone system is no longer in effect, but many more taxis have meters (look for “Taximetro” on the top).

The main post office (p. 236) has reopened and is offering full service.

I somehow completely overlooked Cine Fantasio, on Parque Hidalgo at C 60—it’s the most central of the movie theaters (p. 234).

The market‘s new location (p. 231) has indeed opened—but the vendors haven’t really moved out of the old one, as was planned. So now the whole complex is double the size.

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Yucajohn December 12, 2006 at 4:56 pm

Delta has now canceled the direct flights to Merida from both Atlanta and Miami. Continental still offers their flights from Houston direct to Merida.

zora January 20, 2007 at 10:50 pm

Thanks for letting me know! It looks like the route is still being flown through the spring–but for summer dates, it’s gone.

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