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NY Times: Caged Pork Fanatic

Last week, Peter sent me a link to this lunatic op-ed in the NY Times. Short version: foodies are all wrong in promoting free-range meat, because it will surely kill them. Factory farming is so much safer. Or I guess that’s what he was saying. It gets pretty loopy at the end.

I read it, thought about it, sputtered a little and did not really have time to articulate what was so totally wrong with the guy’s thinking. In fact, I read it, and then went out and had a piece of toast with tasty free-range jamon serrano on it for breakfast, along with my fresh-squeezed orange juice. Call me a foodie, whatever–I’m sure I’m eating better than this ass in Texas.

Fortunately, while I was digesting, the incisive Ms. Julie Powell came along and wrote something sharp about it for me, and noted the addendum the Times had to print. Que sorpresa. (That’s Spanish for “no doy.”)


victoryIt’s all over the news, so I’m sure you know: The Obamas are planting a vegetable garden. Fan-fucking-tastic! (This is not gratuitous swearing.)

Meanwhile, Hook Echoes is revived! Also fantastic. Jefe, teller of many stories, is in Austin, and I am so envious of his general problem-solving and gardening skillz.

And further meanwhile, I’m about to head to Spain, and I’ll be, by the serendipity of Craigslist, meeting up with and staying chez Heather Coburn Flores, the author of Food Not Lawns. Excellent.

And while I’m doing that, my friend Deb will be planting wildflowers all over Bedford-Stuyvesant. Check out the plans for Bed-Stuy Meadow at 21st Century Plowshare. If we had more actual earth in Astoria, I’d suggest we do it here. But we’re pretty paved over. If you live somewhere with even a little exposed earth, toss some seeds in there. You never know what might happen.

Happy spring!