Why Big Food Sucks

NY Times: Caged Pork Fanatic

by Zora O'Neill on April 14, 2009

Last week, Peter sent me a link to this lunatic op-ed in the NY Times. Short version: foodies are all wrong in promoting free-range meat, because it will surely kill them. Factory farming is so much safer. Or I guess that’s what he was saying. It gets pretty loopy at the end. I read it, […]



by Zora O'Neill on March 21, 2009

It’s all over the news, so I’m sure you know: The Obamas are planting a vegetable garden. Fan-fucking-tastic! (This is not gratuitous swearing.) Meanwhile, Hook Echoes is revived! Also fantastic. Jefe, teller of many stories, is in Austin, and I am so envious of his general problem-solving and gardening skillz. And further meanwhile, I’m about […]

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New CSA in Astoria

by Zora O'Neill on January 11, 2009

I know nothing more than what’s at the web page here, and that pickup will be at 30th Avenue and Crescent–good for all you mid-Astoria residents. Drop an email at the website to get on the list for info on the 2009 summer/fall season.


“I like seal meat better”

by Zora O'Neill on December 13, 2008

Please tell me this is a hoax.