by Zora O'Neill on January 12, 2014

January 12, 2004, I started this thing, just a little bit ahead of the full-on blog frenzy. Now I’m still doing it, well after blogs have gotten old and doddering and faintly uncool. In a perfect world, I would trawl through all the old posts and remind you of the highlights. But where is the […]


RG in Real Time

by Zora O'Neill on September 15, 2012

Astute blog observers may realize I’m writing about things that happened a bit in the past, which may in turn make you suspect I’m off on another, better adventure. You’re right! If you want to know what I’m doing minute by minute (oh, so breathless!) right now in Morocco, go ‘like’ Roving Gastronome on Facebook […]


Technical Difficulties

by Zora O'Neill on February 28, 2012

My WordPress has decided to get cranky on me, making it impossible to insert photos or add links or anything without a lot of hand coding. I do like hand coding. When I have oodles of time. Now is not that time. So apologies to the exactly one person I know who obsessively refreshes this […]