Robert Farrar Capon’s “The Supper of the Lamb”

“Original Thinking Is Lonely.” That’s what the message board on the Baptist church here in Truth or Consequences, NM, says. Hideous, no? I really don’t think Robert Farrar Capon would approve. But he would love me! Night IV of the lamb was all about original thinking, as in: Uh, wait, Tamara and Karl are here […]


1 L / 8 X 4 IV: Night III report

by Zora O'Neill on April 24, 2006

This is getting just a little dull because everything went so swimmingly. Night 3 was the night of the Lamb Fried Rice, again using a portion of the already-braised lamb. Night II’s Lamb-Spinach Casserole (with mayonnaise) is pretty damn Sixties, but something about Lamb Fried Rice is equally throwback. As Peter said, “It’s like eating […]


1 L / 8 X 4 III: Night II report

by Zora O'Neill on April 24, 2006

Did I say live coverage? Well, when I say “live” I mean with a two-day delay… Not to ruin the ending, but as of Sunday, April 23, 2006 at midnight, the Supper of the Lamb was complete, and completely successful. But let’s roll back the clock to Friday night: We took a little less than […]

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1 L / 8 X 4 II (b): The freakin’ spaetzle

by Zora O'Neill on April 22, 2006

This stuff is a mess. I see why there are dedicated spaetzle makers. You really can’t just rig up something like, say, a slotted spoon or a Mouli grater. Capon loves spaetzle, and suggests it’s much easier to make than noodles. It’s so not. Spaetzle is apparently German for “little sparrows” or something. I managed […]