Barcelona: Thanksgiving Dinner for 46

by Zora O'Neill on December 5, 2011

Every year since who knows when, our friend Frank Plant has hosted Franksgiving in his fantastically cool digs in Barcelona. By the time we got around to attending, it had already grown from a cozy meeting of close friends into an insane, overcrowded phenomenon, and shrunk back to a more manageable size. If you can’t […]


Mexican Border Wall

by Zora O'Neill on July 10, 2009

In advance of my impending trip to Cancun, I’m glad to see that Mexico is taking some serious steps. Mexico Builds Border Wall To Keep Out US Assholes And speaking of the wall, here’s a good cartoon from a Mexican blogger/political cartoonist. The caption reads “Bad Mexico, bad!… It’s cut with cornstarch.”


Syrian Fourth of July

by Zora O'Neill on July 7, 2009

I could claim that I read the newspaper on July 4 and saw the heartwarming story about Bashar al-Asad sending Obama a 4th of July telegram inviting him to Syria, but really, I was plotting the Syrian dinner a couple of days earlier. During my May trip, I loaded up my suitcase with pomegranate molasses […]


Greek Easter Lamb Roast

by Zora O'Neill on May 21, 2009

We had one at Peter’s godmother’s place in Chicago for “real” Easter. Photos are here. Man, we’ve been operating in the bush leagues. We still turn our crank by hand. Out in the Chicago suburbs, though, you just sit back and watch the spit turn itself, giving you more time to muse on man’s eternal […]