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A Bad Idea for a Holiday Gift

by Zora O'Neill on November 25, 2013

You know all those seasonal stories in magazines are researched a year ahead of time. This is one of those. Here, as we launch into the season of frantic gift-buying, may we at Winslow Place tell you an inspirational story about the perils of late-night advertising? One day in deep winter, we received a package. […]


Two Amazing Cookbooks from Gaza and Iraq

by Zora O'Neill on June 3, 2013

“Heh, that’s not a very thick book,” a visitor to my house wisecracked when he saw my copy of The Gaza Kitchen laying out. Woe to he who utters the untutored statement in my house! The guy got an earful of all the amazing things I had learned from this truly wonderful book: Gazans cook […]


RG at Home: Pie Pie Pie Pie Pie Pie!

by Zora O'Neill on July 9, 2012

Never mind that it’s currently too hot to roll out a pie crust: I am here to tell you that Millicent Souris’s new book, How to Build a Better Pie, will save your life. I first made Millicent’s acquaintance at the late, great Queen’s Hideaway. Dessert was pies of a couple sorts. I ordered with […]


RG at Home: Greek Frappe for Coffee Snobs

by Zora O'Neill on July 2, 2012

I love me a Greek frappe. When I explain this drink to people, though, it often gives them pause. That’s because the secret ingredient is Nescafe. In today’s militant-foodie climate, saying you drink Nescafe is like saying you eat Rainbo bread, and not in a guilty-pleasure-reminds-of-my-latchkey-kid-days way. Still, I take perverse joy in bending Nescafe […]