One Crazy Trick for Working Productively at Home

by Zora O'Neill on December 16, 2013

Freelancers! I finally cracked it! And it’s the most boring thing in the world: Pretend like you have a real job. Starting time is 10 a.m. You get a lunch hour–that’s when you do all your fiddly errands, like running to the frame store, or looking at rugs on eBay. (Ignore the unfairness that, in […]


Irish Coffee: The Winter Writer’s Choice

by Zora O'Neill on March 11, 2013

Phew. Went off the radar there for a while. Much of January and February was spent writing a draft of my book (I guess it’s safe to call it by its name now), The Crimson Sofa. It got a little hairy at the end. After weeks of wrestling with the structure of the Morocco section […]


American Museum of Natural History: Our Global Kitchen

by Zora O'Neill on November 17, 2012

I’ve been traveling so much, I’ve really lost the thread with New York. I mean, on Wednesday I got on an uptown train instead of a downtown train by accident. I don’t think I’ve ever made that mistake, at least not while I’ve lived here. So what better way to feel New York-y than to […]


Sugar Duck! (Or: Best Souvenir Ever)

by Zora O'Neill on October 10, 2012

Our best souvenir of Turkey was not a rug, a set of tea cups or some blue evil-eye charm. It was the newest member of our happy household, this sweet little guy: We’ve named him Sugar Duck. This is why: See, we had dinner at a cheapie restaurant in Edirne where they had the red […]