United Arab Emirates

2012: The Year in “Wow, that happened?”

by Zora O'Neill on January 3, 2013

Ah, the year-end recap. Some silly things, some momentous things–and not just a rehash of old blog posts. Genuine new material here. 1. We got a pet. Well, not really. But we did get Sugar Duck, a very easily anthropomorphized sugar canister from Turkey. He speaks with a lisp, and sounds sweet, but sometimes he […]


5 Good Reasons Travel Is Better When You’re Older

by Zora O'Neill on December 3, 2012

Travel life is better after 40.

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UAE Novelty Break!

by Zora O'Neill on May 7, 2012

OK, here’s all my silly pictures in one go. Or most of them anyway. These were taken all over the United Arab Emirates, though mostly in Dubai. Click the pic for bigger versions.


Under Construction in the Emirates

by Zora O'Neill on April 30, 2012

During my trip to the Emirates, one of the main things I wanted to do was drive out into the desert and see the dunes. I grew up in a desert, and I’ve traveled around the deserts in Egypt a bit, but they’re not the same. I still had never seen that super-duney, English Patient […]