Sugar Duck! (Or: Best Souvenir Ever)

by Zora O'Neill on October 10, 2012

Our best souvenir of Turkey was not a rug, a set of tea cups or some blue evil-eye charm. It was the newest member of our happy household, this sweet little guy: We’ve named him Sugar Duck. This is why: See, we had dinner at a cheapie restaurant in Edirne where they had the red […]


Summer Break #4: Greece and Turkey: Best Bites

by Zora O'Neill on October 3, 2012

File all this under Things I Wish I’d Eaten More Of. 1. Fresh mizithra We drove to the next little town to visit the place that makes the killer sheep’s-milk yogurt, with its nice crusty top. I’ve read rapturous descriptions of fresh ricotta, but I didn’t really believe it until they fed us the mizithra, […]


Want a real mind-bending experience when you travel? Don’t worry so much about what to eat. Focus on the odd things there are to drink. That’s where you get into severe mind-warping territory. Exhibit A: Salgam Suyu (Sorry–there’s a little cedilla under the s, and also under a c farther down. I’ve taught myself a […]


Summer Break #1: Name That Fruit! (A Mediterranean Mystery)

by Zora O'Neill on September 12, 2012

Help me out here, Internet. I’m trying to identify a mystery fruit. Or maybe fruits. There are three stories to tell: Incident #1: Lebanon A nice Druze woman on a bus in the Chouf mountains in Lebanon told me her favorite fruit was Persian aprict–mishmish ajami. She said it stayed green, and was both sweet […]