Back in the Saddle…Rwanda and beyond

by Zora O'Neill on March 10, 2014

Ahhh, that was a nice little hiatus. Thanks for bearing with me. I know you were drumming your fingers impatiently on your desk all this time. While I hopped around to four different countries and completely wore myself out. First, Peter and I went to Rwanda. As you do. But really: Peter and I met […]


Counterintuitive Travel Tip #5: Be inefficient

by Zora O'Neill on November 5, 2012

On to more practical matters. Though this still relates to trip-planning. Take the train, especially if it’s slow. I can’t tell you how many guidebooks I’ve read recently where they’ve said, basically, “Enh, there’s a train, but you’re better off on the bus/airplane.” C’mon—how will you ever be better off squished in a bus barreling […]


Counterintuitive Travel Tip #2: Ugly Places

by Zora O'Neill on October 23, 2012

Continuing my series of cranky travel tips, many of which have to do with how to plan your itinerary. This one’s related to Tip #1, but in the bigger picture. Go to the ugly places. I’ve argued this before, specifically about Cancun. But it has a broader application. Any indie traveler worth his backpack shuns […]


Terminal 21, Bangkok

by Zora O'Neill on February 13, 2012

OK, this is just total eye candy for travel geeks. I don’t even like malls. But Bangkok is a mall kind of town, and when Rod (yes, he met us in Bangkok again this year) told me that there was a new airport-theme mall, I of course had to go. It’s at the Asok BTS […]