Mexico City

Mexico City: Plaza Garibaldi

by Zora O'Neill on May 28, 2013

Another major hot spot we just didn’t manage to get to on our first trip was Plaza Garibaldi, where all the mariachis gather. The symbol on the signs for the metro stop is a guitar. The plaza had a reputation for seediness, and it’s now being spruced up in that slightly heavy-handed way city planners […]


Mexico City: Beyond the Palacio Nacional

by Zora O'Neill on May 20, 2013

Peter and I went to Mexico City two years ago. It happened to be the week before Easter, when the city runs at half-speed because everyone’s on vacation. We were too, so we just didn’t wind up doing very much sightseeing. Oh, why am I making excuses? We never do much sightseeing. It’s just too […]


Mexico City #8: Xochimilco Market

by Zora O'Neill on July 11, 2011

Probably just as good as Xochimilco itself is the market in the neighborhood. It was the first one we stopped into on our trip, so we just assumed it was normal. Turned out it is a slightly cooler than usual market, and man, was it bustin’ out with the food. While Peter was buying snacks […]

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Mexico City #7: Xochimilco

by Zora O'Neill on July 5, 2011

Years ago, when I lived by 36th Avenue in Astoria, there was a restaurant down there called Xochimilco. It was slightly upscale Mexican (which I now realize is just normal Mexican), and even though I couldn’t pronounce the name, I did know it was this beautiful network of canals in Mexico City. It didn’t seem […]