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Ciao aleikum!

Maltese, you're killing me!
Maltese, you’re killing me!
I just got back from Malta. Maltese, the Semitic language you probably didn’t even know existed, is the most delightful bizarro brand of Arabic I’ve ever heard.

They say “ciao aleikum”! (But…no, they do not reply “waleikum ciao”–alas.)

Aaaaand that’s what I’m just about to say to you now. This blog is so long in the tooth. Twelve years old, which is at least 96 in Internet years. For most of 2015, it was just stashed in the retirement home, off in a corner chair, staring into space.

All last year’s highlights happened mostly off-blog:

  • selling a Talk of the Town to the New Yorker (REAL DEAL! I’m still amazed)
  • finally getting my book accepted and signed off on (pub date THIS JUNE!)
  • and working with refugees in Greece, as this post hinted, and this essay explained a little more

Most everything happening with me these days is over on Facebook (especially the refugees part, which is ongoing), Twitter (itty-bitty travel commentary) and a bit on Instagram.
(And then of course there’s the book…did I mention the book? You can preorder it here and here.)

I’ve scheduled two more posts, totally practical ones where I’m dumping all my hard-earned wisdom about booking airplane tickets and renting cars. (Burning questions? Email me or ask in the comments. I’ll work them in!)

And then I’m going to put this dozy li’l Roving Gastronome to bed.

Thanks for reading along all this time. This blog has been invaluable in helping me develop as a writer, and I wouldn’t have bothered to do it without all your positive feedback along the way.