Just who is this Zora O’Neill anyway?

I’ve been in the kitchen since I was 3. I taught myself to cook while getting my M.A. in Arabic literature–it may have been the most useful thing I learned in grad school. I grew up in New Mexico, and I’ve lived in Astoria, Queens, since 1998.

I’ve been a travel and food writer since 2000, and have contributed to the New York Times, Conde Nast Traveler and Gastronomica. (I’m even “award-winning”! My feature on Las Vegas, New Mexico, won a prize from the International Regional Magazine Association.) I have also authored or contributed to more than a dozen titles for Rough Guides, Lonely Planet and Moon. I’m compulsive about getting the details right, which is why I maintain update blogs, to let readers of my books know what’s changed since the book hit the shelves–look here for more on my specific books.

On the food front, I’ve run an itinerant dinner party called Roving Gastronome and a more settled one called Sunday Night Dinner in Astoria. SND is the subject of Forking Fantastic! Put the Party Back in Dinner Party, written with Tamara Reynolds.