Zora O'Neill credit Peter Moskos

My name is Zora O’Neill. On the internet, I basically live here now; you can find me on Twitter too, and of course you’re welcome to email me if you need to.

I started the Roving Gastronome blog in 2004, after a particularly good dinner party. (Operation Roving Gastronome had been what I called a series of dinner parties I cooked at friends’ houses between 2001 and 2004.) I finally ended it in 2016, as it was no longer such a necessary outlet for me. I’ve been a freelance writer in New York City since 2000, and I used the blog to practice writing and to write about things I couldn’t get published. It was also a major outlet when I was out on solo trips for guidebook research (that’s why the Travails of a Guidebook Writer category is so bloated).

The blog is a chronicle of trying to figure out my niche in the city, and my larger career. It starts out heavily foodie (picking up just after my short-lived stint as a line cook at Prune) and eventually moves more into travel, as I found my way as a writer. There is some completely random stuff in it (blogs were like that, once!), and some more thought-out essays that I’m still very pleased with.