Book News

Oh, hello there. I briefly forgot I had a blog! But the electronic record must show some exciting developments in the realm of words printed on paper.

Tiny hint of what might be on the cover, maybe
Tiny hint of what might be on the cover, maybe
1) The Crimson Sofa All Strangers Are Kin is delivered and accepted, as they say in the biz.

(In the biz, this also means I finally got PAID again. Writing a book is the most nonsensical “job” ever. Happy May Day, everyone!)

So that means (because this is printed on paper), publication date for my travel memoir about why it’s worth learning Arabic, despite the grief it can cause, is June 2016. Yes, that’s more than a year from now. No, I cannot tell you why it takes that long.

But production is moving along at a rapid clip (copy editing is in process; I’ve seen one cover mockup already), so there will be more news soon.

STAB42) Moon Santa Fe, Taos & Albuquerque is out in a new full-color edition!

OK, maybe not at this moment “out” in stores, but I got a big box of them the other day, and they look lovely. If you’re planning a trip to fair New Mexico, pick one up.

(If you’ll go farther afield, remember there’s also Moon New Mexico, also now full-color, and only a year old.)

3) The beautiful New Mexico Farm Table Cookbook is out.

farmtableI have nothing personally to do with this except that you’ll see my name on back under a very excited blurb. It is a beautiful book! And, to quote myself, it does go way beyond the classic red and green chile dishes. Beautiful photos, and recipes from a huge variety of restaurants all over the state.

Try out the Los Poblanos Pork with Modern Soubise (p122), would ya, and tell me how it is?

I can’t do it myself now because I’m off to back-of-beyond Greece for a couple of weeks. Much needed hiking trip, because…

4) I’m updating the Lonely Planet USA guide.

Not the whole thing, just the NY/NJ/PA chapter. But even that involves a ton of driving and a lot of road food (hence the need for hiking). Man, America. You gotta get with the program on vegetables!

(Welcome exceptions: Moosewood and Stonecat Cafe. In a perfect world, I’d have a whole post about eating at Moosewood, finally, after living out of one their cookbooks for so long in Egypt. But I gotta go pack.)

I’ll be heading up to the Adirondacks and out to Long Island when I get back from Greece. More news then…