by Zora O'Neill on July 19, 2013

I’m not on summer break–I’m hard at work. But everyone’s favorite kitchen accessory, Sugar Duck, is on vacation, and he’s having a blast! All these postcards were “delivered” to me by Peter.

Hi guyth! I'm in Mexthiko, and I jutht made a new friend. His name is Mithter Thombrero-Head!

I thoooo like my new amigo, Theñor Thombrero Head! He is from Mexico. Here we are in the land of thun and fun!

3 with tequila

Why, thank you, Theñor Thombrero Head, I would like thome tequila. Whoooooo!

Aw, come on Theñor Thomero Bread, let me try on your bromthero! Por favooor!!!

Aw, come on Theñor Thomero Bread, let me try on your bromthero! Por favooor!!!

5 wearing

Graciass. Don’t I looook jutht thmashing?!

6 drinking otro bitchez

Yo quiero otro, bitchethz!!!

7 more

Whoooo! Thith ith going to be my lasthtest! Whoo! Whooooo!

8-11 collage sugar and thombrero

Then everything got a little hazy…

[The next morning...]

12 morning

I’m really not thertain why I feel so bad.
I think maybe the lime wasn’t washed or thomething.

13 bloody mary

Gosh. That Mexican sun thure is bright. Maybe a Bloody Mary would help…


In other news that makes me feel hung-over, Lonely Planet appears to have been gutted in the name of the new digital era. (Much like, oh, Frommer’s and Zagat–and that worked out so well.) More on that later. Sigh.

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1 Christina July 21, 2013 at 11:11 am

Ha! Traveling Sugar Duck sure likes to party. Wonder where he’ll end up next.

I’m so sorry about Lonely Planet. Blergh.

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