Queens Writers Fellowship: Fall 2012

Are you a writer in New York City? Even better, are you a writer in western Queens?

I’d love to host you at my house, for the Fall 2012 Queens Writers Fellowship.

The QWF is really just a grand-sounding strategy for making sure we both get some serious writing done. Like having a workout partner at the gym–but without all that tedious sweating.

I have a big, sunny office with a spare desk. With a talented, diligent guest, it’s much, much easier to buckle down and slip into the writing flow.

The office...wide view

The terms

I would like to host one committed writing fellow to visit at least three days a week (though four would be even better), October 17 through December 14, 2012.

I will be finishing a draft of my book. You can be working on whatever you feel you need to get done–but the bigger, the better.

Need to make phone calls? You’re totally welcome, downstairs. We have a land line.

We stock good coffee, and there’s usually some lunch around.

There's even a rocking chair!

The Winslow Place Home for Wayward Writers, as I like to call it, is in central Astoria, two short blocks from the subway. If you happen to live in a neighborhood with crappy groceries, it’s worth coming to work here because you can do your shopping errands as well (fresh produce, 24 hours a day!).

How to apply

Send me an email introducing yourself, and tell me what you’re working on in general, and what you plan to use the fellowship for.

Preference is given to people who live nearby–I always like to meet new Queens-dwellers–and to big projects you might otherwise not have a chance to focus on.

Even if you feel like you don’t quite fit the bill, drop me a note. I’m always interested in meeting neighbors and fellow freelancers–and even if the QWF isn’t for you this time, it may be in the future, and I’ll keep you in the loop.

Deadline is September 31.

Your desk awaits...

Read more about the QWF here.


  1. Naomi says:

    Man, I wished I lived in Queens and didn’t have a stupid job just so I could apply for this. If for no other reason I could put, Queen’s Writer Fellow 2012 on my resume. Sigh.

  2. zora says:

    Naomi, we’re very flexible here at Winslow Place. We might be able to do something creative with your resume–you know, grant credits for “life experience” or something. We’re like one of those Caribbean medical schools, or Phoenix University.

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