The Mini-Mex Algorithm

On the occasion of a major update to my Cool Cancun & Isla Mujeres travel app (for iPhones and now for Android* too!), here’s just a few reasons to love this part of Mexico. If you’re a regular reader, you know I have a soft spot for Cancun. It’s why I wrote the app, to share all the cool things no one knows about it…and Isla Mujeres and Puerto Morelos too.

Oh, so THAT's what that stands for...
Public bench/library in the park in downtown Cancun. Just register to get a key, and check out books as you like.
Coco Bongo promo dudes hiding out from photo-mad tourists in Cancun.
Genuine maid cafe in downtown Cancun. Was just opening--unclear whether staff really dress as maids.
Aw, poor little Chocomilk! Cutest dog name ever.
Genius can with screw-top lid. And always good mango juice.
Ana is ruling the market for haircuts for dogs. She has totally blanketed Isla Mujeres in signs.
Man bites shark.
How you might feel after too many days on Isla Mujeres...
This drug is available even in the Cancun airport pharmacies. Not sure if it causes or cures.
Somehow it's more existential with 'a' at the beginning.
Queens of Carnival on Isla Mujeres, on display at the cultural center
Crazy architecture in Puerto Morelos. Everyone calls the complex in the big photo "the Star Wars building."
Grown man with a Spongebob purse. Reason I Love Mexico #3438


  1. Mary R says:

    These are great photos, and I love the commentary! I miss spending time in Mexico, but this post brings some of it back!

    btw, I can’t believe the Maid Cafe concept has made it there! I mean, so many people there actually DO have personal maids, it seems a maid cafe wouldn’t be all that much of a big deal.

  2. zora says:

    Glad you like, Mary!

    Excellent point about the personal maids–it does make it extra-strange. Judging from the getups on the girls who were setting up the cafe, I think it’s coming more from loving Japanese manga and pop culture. So maybe they’re just hoping to attract other teens who like the same stuff, but aren’t necessarily “into” being waited on by maids? I’m really curious to go back and see how it turns out!

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