Technical Difficulties

My WordPress has decided to get cranky on me, making it impossible to insert photos or add links or anything without a lot of hand coding.

I do like hand coding. When I have oodles of time. Now is not that time. So apologies to the exactly one person I know who obsessively refreshes this page every Monday. It must’ve been rough for you there…

Next week, I hope to have it sorted.

(If anyone wants to do any further investigation into the problem, I’d love it, as I haven’t had more than a couple of hours to look into it myself. I’m using WP 3.3.1, Thesis Theme 1.8.1. Auto-insert of pictures won’t work, nor will visual editing, and the whole style toolbar has just vanished. I changed the theme and deactivated all the plugins, so it’s not that, which is what WP forums are suggesting. Also reinstalled WP. No love.)


  1. Peter says:

    What? You publish every Monday? I never knew that. Seriously. I obsessively refresh *every* day.

    Or maybe this isn’t about me and there’s another man. Either way, I’m not happy to be a fool.

  2. zora says:

    As you can see from my absence of posts, I haven’t quite gotten to that wake-up stage. Erg. Now back home, so maybe will have a little more time to fix the problem… (Somehow, trying to fix the problem is more fun than coding itself.)

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