Cairo Graffiti

I had another collection of funny little items from Cairo scheduled for this week, but it just seems too flip. Instead, here’s a good collection of post-revolutionary graffiti, all from one corner in Zamalek. Fight on, Egyptians.

The colors are the Egyptian flag.
I dig the cassette tape.
Cool black-and-white work.
'7orya' is Arabic-SMS transliteration of 'hurriya' -- freedom. Arabic text says 'The revolution of change'.
No offense, but this one does look a little like what the dude with long hair over his eyes is doodling in his notebook at the back of the class. Except for the hearts. Aw!
The rectangular thing is an Egyptian license plate, redone so it says '25 January'. These are now a souvenir for sale at Midan Tahrir. The Arabic says 'equality' and 'freedom.' Nice placement next to the A/C unit.
The tower with the holes in it on the right I think is meant to be a pigeon coop, sort of a symbol of rural Egypt. The one on the left is the Cairo Tower, a city symbol.