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Just a quick note to say hello/temporary good-bye to Jeff Orlick, the man, the myth, the legend. You might know him from the various Queens food events he organizes–Roosevelt Ave street-food crawls, five-borough pizza tours and the phenomenal Flushing Mall Grazing Experience a few months back.

(The FluMaGraExp was the realization of mine and Peter’s dream of the “golden chopsticks”–a surcharge you pay in a restaurant that allows you to taste everyone else’s food. Here’s Jeff’s report on it.)

Anyway, Jeff was over here working a bit, and even got into a bit of a nice 10am-ish-to-3pm-ish groove. He was busting out brand-new ideas all the time while he was here. And then I realized I’d neglected to tell him I was taking off for Morocco, and that he couldn’t come over anymore for a while. Sorry, Jeff! But we’ll get back to it.

But he did say of the co-working plan, “I’m a total convert. The instant you went downstairs, I started going on Facebook.” See! See! Together, folks, we can get sh*t done! And thanks to Jeff, I managed to focus enough to get my book proposal wrapped up before leaving. (More details later. I hope…)

So, I’ll be back in a couple of weeks, and I hope we can get back in the work groove. As ever, drop me a note if you’re interested in working over here–see the general info page for more.

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