Queens Writers “Fellowship”

Fellow Queens-dwellers: I have room in my home office here in Astoria. I’d like to share it with you. So I’m instituting

The 2011 Queens Writers Fellowship.

That sounds so much grander than “come hang out at my house and write,” right?

Seriously, here’s the deal: I love my home office. It’s sunny and has lots of space. But I can’t get jack done unless there’s someone around to keep me honest–the coffee shop effect. If you’re a freelancer, you know this phenomenon all too well. But since I have a nice office, I can’t justify going to a coffee shop. Plus, in Queens, we don’t really have many suitable places for this.

So: I’m accepting applications for this extra desk space in my office.

You can come by most anytime. You can use the wi-fi. You can use the phone. You can make yourself coffee and stash snacks in the fridge. You can stash some books in the bookcase. (I’ll make room on a shelf.)

This “fellowship” will last three months, with an option for renewal. This gives us both some flexibility, so if you find you’re not using the space much, you can hand it off. Or stay on, if you’re just about to finish the novel.

If you’re interested, email me by January 31 and let me know what you’re working on, where you live and what your normal work hours are. I’m open to a lot of things, and the schedule can be worked out. I’m envisioning this as a daytime thing, but if you want somewhere to write in the evenings after your office job, that might work too.

This would all start February 7, ideally. I’m back from some traveling, and I need to buckle down. You’ll be going winter stir-crazy and need a change of venue.

And, in the long run, I’m curious to see how much interest there is in Queens for a dedicated writers space, seeing how we don’t have a lot of that here. So even if the February-April timeframe doesn’t work for you, or you’re reading this after the deadline, drop me a note. I’ll let you know when the desk in my office is free, and if/when we can get other people organized for a separate space.

Thanks, and looking forward to hearing from you!


  1. Genncis Rosado says:


    I know its late, but I wanted to know if the offer still stands. I am an unpublised writer who also lives in Jackson Heights. Thank you,

  2. zora says:

    Genncis, I dropped you an email. The schedule’s a bit patchy, but short answer is: yes. Drop me a note, and maybe we can work something out.

  3. zora says:

    Howard, I’d love to have you over, but I’m out of town till January. Sorry I can’t help now, but I’ll be in touch when I’m back. Good luck in the meantime!

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