Jamie’s American Road Trip

Tamara and I are going to be on the New York episode of this show, to air in Britain September 15. Spread the word to your mates across the pond!

And we haven’t seen the final cut of what we taped, so who knows how we come across? All I’ve been told is that I get to say, “I fucking hate restaurants.” Which means this will never air in the US, alas.

In the meantime, I’m trying to track down the earlier episodes, to see what the show is looking like. Eat Me Daily has a clip from the Wyoming episode that aired this week. Hilarious. I think we’re in good hands…


  1. kano says:

    Hi Zora
    I will make sure to watch it next week.
    Do you have access to Channel 4 on Demand in the US? It is a free service and they show the whole episode.

  2. Sarah T. says:

    Hi Zora,

    Super news! This is also the first time I’ve been excited to have TV since moving to London–will be watching at 9 pm tonight.

  3. Zora says:

    Yay, Sarah! But don’t want to be your gateway drug to the full-fledged TV addiction! Just be sure to turn off the TV as soon as the show is done–or else you’ll get mired in reality-show drama and only come up for air months later… Or am I just projecting my own TV problems onto you?

    Also, we’ll be answering questions in the forum on jamieoliver.com after the show. Hopefully those questions will not be along the lines of, “So, in that scene where you’re cutting up the lamb, can you explain exactly what you were doing?” Because not only have we not seen the episode yet, but we taped it in November, so it’s all a total blur…

  4. Ranj says:

    Hi Zora and Tarama,

    Just seen you guys on TV and very impressed what you do there. Love to attend your ‘restaurant’ when I ever visit NYC.. one day I hope.

    Did you manage to see the Jamie American Road Trip episode?

    Take care and keep up the good work,


    PS… that phrase of yours was shown too 🙂

  5. Zora says:

    Excellent to hear from you, Ranj! Glad you liked the episode–we still haven’t seen it yet. And glad to hear my one claim was backed up–I’d hate for it to be false advertising!

    Drop me an email (link off to the right, in the gray box at the top of the column) if you’re planning to come to town–we’ll let you know if there’s a dinner coming up!

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