Cool, Honey

Years ago, Tal (aka The Idea Man) and I were sitting around at a cafe, I think. We were drinking our hot drinks, and Tal said, “Wouldn’t it be cool if someone made little individual honey capsules to dissolve in tea?”

Lo. The dream is realized! Not by Tal, but he’s the one who sent me the link to Honibe Honey Drops, a clever new product from our neighbors to the frozen north.

Tal’s original vision (as I remember it, anyway) involved a gelatin-capsule sort of coating around a portion of honey, whereas this Honibe business looks like it’s solid all the way through. Either way, though, a good idea. Also, I like the lemon-honey option from Honibe.

…All this reminds me, incidentally, of a photo I didn’t get to take in Mexico, of the logo for Mielitron, a honey-processing company. As the name suggests, it’s a very high-tech operation, and the logo is this groovy robot bee. I imagine it rampaging over the countryside, large as Godzilla, growling, “I am Mielitrrrrrrrrrrooon!” And drowning whole villages in honey….