Rock on, Mr. Dinosaur!

While I’m busy worrying about crossing the street in Cairo, someone I know is actually doing the Mongol Rally this summer. That involves driving all the way from London to Mongolia, in a tin can. But you get a special exemption to the one-litre-engine rule if you do it in an extremely weird vehicle, like a cherry-picker.

Haven’t picked a favorite to back yet? May I recommend Josh’s team, Mr. Dinosaur? Don’t be put off by the fact that they still haven’t got a vehicle–they’re relying on the whims of eBay UK. I urge you to contribute with cash donations–they will need them to donate to charities, as well as to buy cartons of cigarettes and buckets of whiskey with which to smooth their passage through the ‘Stans.

Josh is a fellow copy editor–so you know he’s reliable. And hopefully good at creative problem-solving…

The race begins July 21.