Click fast: the croquembouche in context

Here’s the NY Times Vows column for which the HMS Croquembouche (thanks, Jefe, for christening it) was constructed. The link will probably go away by next Sunday, so jump on it while you can.

That’s me in the background, the one person not looking at the happy couple. I’m looking at Peter, probably, who you can’t see, but that won’t placate all the parents, who are probably at this very moment saying, “Who is that girl who’s not paying attention at all? Where does she think she is?” On top of it all, I’m actually smack in front of one of the parents. Sorry, Murphys and Fishers.

Oh, and for the record, in graf 3, line 3, insert “lesbian” between “unhappy” and “relationship.” The rest will make a lot more sense. We’re not sure if the Times tactfully left that part out, or if it just never occurred to anyone to mention it to the reporter.