Blog props

Apologies for being the most self-centered (and worse, stomach-centered) blogger ever.

First, a shout-out to Jefe, who reports from OKC. He’s been serializing his first visit to Burning Man, interspersed with other present-day tales. I have a low threshold for BM reverie, but he really manages to get at some of the niftier aspects of the event, such as:

“Two young ladies, clad in golden butterfly wings and antennae, naked except for green body paint and six-inch platform heels, huffing a balloon full of nitrous oxide and giggling madly.”

It’s precisely what I both love and hate about the Burn. (And that story wraps up very nicely–read it here.)

Also, I’m adding a link to Wayne’s Big Cliche–he’s a friend of Jeff’s, and all I know about him is that he’s a great cook. And he’s gotta be, considering he lives in Norman, OK, and the “Best Italian” according to the local rag is Olive Garden–read the sorry truth here (scroll down to “Norman, Oklahoma! Culinary Hot Spot”). Just further proof that everyone needs to learn how to cook, to save themselves from this fate. Meanwhile, thank the sweet Lord for the bounty He has bestowed on NYC.