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From the now-defunct Black Hole in Los Alamos, NM

I wrote on this blog pretty steadily from January 2004 to early 2015, and then it started a slow (but graceful!) decline until it was finally put to bed in February 2016. A few ways to explore: Scroll back to see the last two posts, my collected wisdom on renting cars and booking flights, after …

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Ciao aleikum!

Maltese, you're killing me!

I just got back from Malta. Maltese, the Semitic language you probably didn’t even know existed, is the most delightful bizarro brand of Arabic I’ve ever heard. They say “ciao aleikum”! (But…no, they do not reply “waleikum ciao”–alas.) Aaaaand that’s what I’m just about to say to you now. This blog is so long in …

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