Three Ways to Help Refugees on Mytilene

Super-awesome volunteer Syrian cooks on the first day I was at Kara Tepe, working with the food-solidarity group O Allos Anthropos.

For the last two weeks, I was on the island of Mytilene (aka Lesvos or Lesbos) in Greece. Peter and I go every other summer or so–he’s been going since 1992. It just so happened this summer the island is inundated with refugees from Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan and more, who are taking boats over from …

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Book News

Tiny hint of what might be on the cover, maybe

Oh, hello there. I briefly forgot I had a blog! But the electronic record must show some exciting developments in the realm of words printed on paper. 1) The Crimson Sofa All Strangers Are Kin is delivered and accepted, as they say in the biz. (In the biz, this also means I finally got PAID …

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